The Importance of Digital Marketing When Selling Your Home

The Importance of Digital Marketing When Selling Your Home

  • Linda Sansone
  • 08/24/22

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With home price increases, heightened interest in the area, and one of the most appealing locations in the country, Rancho Santa Fe and North County San Diego are a seller’s market. If you are in the position to list your home, the potential for an excellent return is high. A little more than luck and timing is required to get the most out of your home and the marketplace. An intentional, well-executed digital marketing plan is the gateway to the most effective way to sell your home.

As technology and social media have evolved into highly valuable marketing tools, so have the methods of utilizing them in the real estate industry. When real estate demands are high, and consumers' attention spans are short, digital marketing is the most effective way to market listings to interested buyers.

Just how important is digital marketing in real estate? It’s the complete package; even better, the control remains in the hands of an experienced, market-savvy realtor who can create the messaging and content, target the ideal audience, leverage their professional network, and close leads quickly.

Your content, your story

With digital marketing, realtors can tell a property's story through powerful images and strong content. But, of course, no one can tell the story of a home better than the homeowners, and a realtor will work with them to paint a picture of what makes that home so unique. In addition, testimonials and first-hand accounts are valuable ways to make a listing come to life.

The emphasis on a visual platform goes hand in hand with the preparation required for listing a home. Real estate agents and those readying their homes spend time cleaning, upgrading, editing, and staging homes for open houses — and now, for virtual open houses. Natural lighting is as important in an in-person showing as it is online in video or photos; tidying up and accentuating a home's exterior is as meaningful to a passerby on the street as to someone behind a computer or phone screen. Interested buyers can take what they see in images and create their own stories around it; they visualize their families and lives developing within the space.

Control over the content is a highly valuable asset to any realtor, and allows for creativity on how to convey the home’s story.. Beyond professionally done, well-lit photographs, videos are as important for 360° views from room to room, and drone camera footage for aerial vantages of the home and the neighborhood. Slick technology comes with an excellent photographer or videographer, a key player on any top-tier real estate team.

Target the ideal audience

While images sell the story of a home, one of the most invaluable tools is the ability to target an audience of buyers best suited for a home based on demographics and geography. If the intent is to localize ads, geo-targeting tools can hone in on a specific neighborhood, city, county, or zip code.

When marketing a home, a realtor can build the content and parameters around a specific group that aligns with the area, listing price, and interests. For example, utilize a video ad that features the rolling hills, horse farms, and sprawling lots of Rancho Santa Fe homes for sale to target a demographic in a luxury-level income bracket. Concentrating on a specific subset of the population provides another way to warm them up to a sale; provide sneak peeks and invitations to open houses for the properties listed. At worst, a connection will be established that could result in a sale down the road.

Leverage your professional network

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Today’s social media landscape fosters connection, networking, and like-mindedness. On a personal level, individuals can link up and share thoughts on a wide range of topics Real estate in the digital space is no different; realtors can leverage their networks  to display their listing to the right audience  with similar wants, needs, income levels, and locations.

The key to social media is communication, and a level of access that hasn’t always existed. The ability to message a real estate agent through social media apps helps further to establish a connection between the buyer and seller, and allows the dissemination of useful information that can lead to a sale — all while expediting the process.

For a real estate agent like Linda Sansone, who owns a 100% referral rate, connection to the real estate community is vital. With her resources, track record, and community standing, Linda is able to utilize digital marketing and social media as another weapon in her arsenal.

Close leads

At this point, we know that making a great first impression via the internet is a must when selling your home, and digital marketing provides a jump start to the selling process. Interested agents and buyers can get a look at a potential home weeks before an open house, which allows them to ask questions, get financing in order, and get the ball rolling in general to secure their dream home.

With powerful images, clean copy, compelling storytelling, and the right platforms, you are well on your way to a smooth, effective home selling experience. Trust in your realtor, their marketing skills, and their network to sell your home with ease and obtain its maximum potential!

If you’re interested in selling your Rancho Sante Fe real estate, Del Mar real estate, or Rancho Pacifica real estate, contact Linday Sansone today. One of San Diego’s top-producing real estate agents, Linda is well known for her integrity, personalized service, fierce negotiating skills, and marketing prowess. With a long history of ecstatic customers and industry awards, the Rancho Santa Fe resident is excited about the opportunity to help you get the most from the sale of your home.

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