Selling Your Rancho Santa Fe Home? Why Listing Your Home with Linda Sansone Matters

Selling Your Rancho Santa Fe Home? Why Listing Your Home with Linda Sansone Matters

  • Linda Sansone
  • 06/7/22

Selling a home is no easy feat. There is a lot to do and think about, including preparing your home, determining a price, marketing, open houses, choosing an offer, gathering paperwork, and closing a deal. It can be pretty overwhelming in certain scenarios. There’s also the fact that people usually want to sell their homes as quickly as possible.

Additionally, the Rancho Santa Fe lifestyle is highly desirable, and the area’s real estate market is currently a seller’s market. This means there is a lot of demand for homes, but low inventory. In this real estate market environment, you’ll likely receive several offers for your home. Of course, the ideal end goal is to pick the best option for you after careful consideration. But how does one go about tackling the complex selling process?

This is where real estate agents come in. Selling your home doesn’t have to be difficult. Read ahead to learn why listing your home with luxury real estate agent Linda Sansone is the best option for you and your home.

More than qualified

Linda has an exceptional reputation as one of San Diego’s most successful luxury and coastal real estate agents and is more than qualified to successfully sell your home. Colleagues and clients alike praise Linda’s integrity, extensive market knowledge, and professionalism. Her incomparable work ethic as well as her ability to quickly adapt and overcome any obstacles that might present themselves in the buying or selling process make Linda a top choice to take care of all your real estate needs.

Additionally, Linda’s expert background in other areas aside from real estate makes her a stellar agent with a unique set of skills that go above and beyond. Before moving to San Diego, Linda was a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) at Deloitte, one of the most respected financial firms in the country, and a CFO running large industrial real estate and architecture firms on the East Coast. Along with a top-quality education that includes a master’s degree, Linda’s business and financial background gave her the sharp negotiation skills needed to close fair deals and ensure successful transactions for her clients.

Linda’s decades of real estate expertise and triumphs have been constantly recognized and awarded. She has been a consistent top-ranking agent in San Diego County since 2005 and is currently ranked #3 according to sales volume by the San Diego Business Journal.

Other noteworthy recognitions in Linda’s successful real estate career include:

Just named to the prestigious 2022 "The Thousand" Top 250 Real Estate Agents in the Nation by Sales Volume by RealTrends & The Wall Street Journal. 

This ranking places Linda in the Top .065% of the 1.6 million licensed real estate agents in the Country and



As a part of Sotheby’s International Realty’s global network of exceptional agents, Linda also comes with the valuable support and influence of the world’s leading luxury real estate brand — an incredible advantage for all your real estate needs.

Linda’s expertise and long list of fulfilled, happy clients make up an impressive real estate career and have made her one of the most requested agents in San Diego, with nearly a 100% referral rate. Besides being more than qualified for the job, she’s happy to help you accomplish an easy real estate journey.

Specializing in Rancho Santa Fe

17261 Circa Oriente, Fairbanks Ranch, Rancho Santa Fe - Sold, Represented Seller 
As not just a real estate agent but a resident of the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant for more than 24 years, Linda knows everything there is to know and much more about the exclusive communities of Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Solana Beach, North County San Diego, and surrounding areas. This unparalleled knowledge of Rancho Santa Fe encompasses not just its real estate market, but the lifestyle, schools, history, and the pros and cons of living in the area.

Everything Linda knows about Rancho Santa Fe works as a great advantage in the selling process, from determining a price for your property to knowing when and how to promote your home, host open houses, and converse with potential buyers further along in the selling process. With her outstanding real estate experience and business background, there is no one better to help you sell your Rancho Santa Fe home.

Superior marketing

Linda has been interviewed as an expert in social media marketing for luxury properties by national news source INMAN.
With Linda on your side, you’ll also have superior marketing services at your disposal to help sell your home. Linda’s talent for constructing creative, targeted marketing campaigns is one of the many things previous clients rave about. She dominates all forms of media to promote your home, which will inevitably produce a greater pool of offers, and as a result, a quicker selling process. This competition can also lead buyers to increase the amount of money they’re willing to spend on your home. For sellers, the more offers there are, the better — and marketing certainly plays a role in compiling several offers.

From getting professional photos of your home and quality video tours to carrying out the most effective marketing and advertising strategies, Linda’s successful marketing efforts surpass above-average agents. She also has access to valuable connections and resources to better promote your listing and quickly connect with potential buyers.

An expert guide in the selling process

Linda is known for her dedication to providing the ultimate personalized service that exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding buyers and sellers. She will always have your best interests in mind and will do everything she can to sell your home in an efficient and timely manner.

Linda will take care of all your worries and concerns, answer all your questions, and maintain constant communication while ensuring you preserve a sense of normalcy during the time it takes to sell your home.

She’ll guide you through the entire selling process and make sure you are prepared and well-informed at every point. Linda’s top-rate service includes the following:
  1. Creating a custom action plan to sell your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  2. Preparing your home. First impressions matter! Home staging, or how you present your home and make it appealing, is very important. Fixing, modifying, or rearranging certain aspects of your home, whether that means making renovations, minor repairs, or simply moving furniture around, can make a big difference in elevating your home and making a long-lasting impression on potential buyers. The goal is to highlight your home’s superior features and the best version of itself, which someone else can recognize as their dream home.
  3. Determining an appropriate selling price for your home. This includes completing a real estate market analysis, which compares the market value of similar properties, to recommend a fair price.
  4. Creating and launching an excellent marketing campaign to promote and advertise your home.
  5. Listing your home in the MLS (Market Listing Service) to help increase the exposure of the property.
  6. Host open houses and tours to really showcase your home, instead of simply relying on photos and video, and expand the pool of potential buyers and offers.
  7. Navigating offers and choosing the best for you and your home.
  8. Scheduling a home inspection, which provides the buyer with a detailed report on the condition of your home. This includes structural and exterior components of the home, utilities, appliances, and other aspects that might need repairs. Results in the home inspection might ensue in further negotiations and can affect certain aspects of the sale.
  9. Gathering the necessary paperwork needed for the transaction and offering legal guidance.
  10. Attend the closing meeting to sign final documentation.

Emotional support

The home selling process can be long, stressful, and discouraging at times. It can also be an emotional process. While parting from your home can prove difficult, Linda will be there for you every step of the way.

With her dedication and support, Linda will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed and will offer both kindness and objective advice in what can be a hard time. Her remarkable attention to detail while taking over the time-consuming job of selling a home will provide you with a seamless, stress-free home-selling experience that will end in your satisfaction and contentment. Rest assured, you and your home will be in amazing hands.

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