Rancho Santa Fe Trivia - Fun Facts

Rancho Santa Fe Trivia - Fun Facts

  • Linda Sansone
  • 06/20/24

Rancho Santa Fe Trivia

1. What was Rancho Santa Fe originally called in 1840?

Rancho San Dieguito - Rancho Santa Fe has a rich history dating back 175 years. In 1840, Mexican Governor Pio Pico awarded a provisional land grant to Juan Osuna, who was the first alcalde or mayor of San Diego. Called Rancho San Dieguito, the land grant was approximately 8,800 acres about 20 miles north of San Diego. https://www.rsfassociation.org/at-a-glance/history

2. Why were eucalyptus trees originally planted in Rancho Santa Fe in the early 20th century?

Shortly after the turn of the century, the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad (AT&SF) purchased the land comprising the original Rancho San Dieguito land grant. In 1906, the railroad planted hundreds of thousands of eucalyptus trees as an experiment to produce timber for use in rail lines. However, the railroad spikes split the eucalyptus lumber, and the AT&SF abandoned the operation in 1916.


3. Which renowned female architect significantly influenced Rancho Santa Fe's architectural style?

The incredible Lilian Rice – read more about her here. https://www.ranchosantafehistoricalsociety.org/lillian-rice/

4. Which famous singer hosted the first “Clambake” golf tournament in Rancho Santa Fe in 1937?

Our beloved Bing Crosby.

5. Where does the name "The Covenant" come from?

Rancho Santa Fe  has a rich history and was established in 1928 as a country residential community with an emphasis on agriculture and on preserving the rural landscapes.

While the area is commonly referred to as the Covenant, the term refers to an agreement among property owners to preserve and maintain the character of the community and its landscape, and to uphold the quality of future architecture. The agreement came to be known simply as the Covenant and now refers not only to the principal governing document, but also to the community itself.

6. Which local charity is celebrating its 70th Anniversary this year and operates a consignment shop in RSF Village?

Celebrating its 70th year of service, The Country Friends supports human care agencies with special emphasis on services to women, children, the elderly, and those with disabilities.


7. What year was the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club established becoming a central hub for social and recreational activities in the community?


8. Which famous aviator and business tycoon spent time living in a private cottage on the grounds of the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe?

Howard Hughes – word is they had to practically kick him out! https://www.pillartopost.org/2019/08/retro-files-citizen-hughes-in-rancho.html

9. Which “character” from a popular Real Housewives franchise, renewed her vows on TV at the fabulous Inn at Rancho Santa Fe?

Shannon Beador, The Real Housewives of Orange County

10. Rancho Santa Fe is home to several rare and protected species...do you know what they are?

The area is home to several rare and protected species, including the California gnatcatcher and the coastal sage scrub habitat, which are protected through various conservation efforts.


Rancho Santa Fe Trivia - Fun Facts

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